AECAST Remote Studio Live Demo

Connect instantly to the AECAST remote studio system to view screen formats for Live Broadcasts and Recording used for communications from anywhere. Our short video (right) shows how to connect and use the Remote-Control Panel.

We recommend using CHROME browser or a Chromium based browser for best results.

Using your Laptop/PC WebCam, the demo displays you live in several screen formats to view how Presenters can see the Current and Next slides whilst using the remote control to change them plus screen formats showing examples with Presenter/PPT and 8 Presenters in a Q&A session. A Virtual Stage screen shows you displayed on the video wall with PPT and a presenter in front recorded using our portable remote camera system. (Presenter sound has been removed for the demo)

PLEASE NOTE: During your connection to the Remote Studio System you can switch between the screen formats. If you join with other people connected, you can also chat and view them in the Presenter PPT view and 8 Presenter display screens.  The PowerPoint control in this demo is shared between all of you, so if connected with others take turns in clicking to next slide.

Join with 4 other colleagues to experience the system together from anywhere in the world. (Depending on your broadband speed the quality of your video may vary)

And for some Team Building we have linked in with our Virtual Karaoke System allowing you and others connected to select songs (how-to displayed on the section screen) and have a sing-a-long.

The Remote Studio Service is fully adaptable to your requirements, available 24hrs/day at extremely competitive rates. We would love to discuss how the Remote Studio Service can support with your requirements for communications.


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07 Jul | 13:00-23:00 GMT
07 Jul | 13:00-23:00 GMT
07 Jul | 13:00-23:00 GMT
07 Jul | 13:00-23:00 GMT


  • Presenter View: Current, Next Slide
  • Main VIew: Presenter & PPT
  • 8Presenters Q&A, PPT
  • Presenter Stage & PPT
  • Team Building: KARAOKE


  • Click on a CALL button above when Green/Free
  • This will open the Remote Studio Control Panel in a New Tab
  • In the Panel Top Left Blue button click to open your video connection in a New Tab
  • When Video connection opens in New Tab right click on the Panel Tab and drag out of browser, then resize
  • Click on Presenter View…(allow a second or two for video to change) then use the NEXT/PREVIOUS buttons to change the PowerPoint Slides.
  • Click on other Square buttons below Presenter View for different displays.
  • When finished Click to top Red Button CLOSE VIDEO to end the demo.