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Your visibility is our goal. Video brings to life your brand, your products and you. Use video to tell your story and drive your staff and customers to be part of your experience.

We are based in West Sussex near Chichester, UK, and work throughout the whole of the UK for Events.

Our REMOTE STUDIO SERVICE is available globally 24hrs/day to suit your time zone requirements.


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All Events Casting provide expert Live Event Broadcasting services including Customer Webinars, Expo TV, Product Launches as well as engaging live Employee Internal Meetings & Communications.

We deliver everything from a one-off Leaders Vlog to large external/internal live events with engagement feedback and Q&A sessions.

With communication now heavily driven by social media, we purposefully embrace the latest approaches & technologies to deliver your broadcast message in the most impactful way.

We deliver content using platforms, including but not limited to, Skype Meeting Broadcast, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo & Livestream.

All Events Casting is your one stop service provider removing the obstacles of equipment selection, knowhow, maintenance and connectivity, to quickly have your business broadcasting it’s key messages to customers and staff using our ready to go mobile studio solution and support staff.

We have the experience, expertise and flexible cost base to cover everything from a one-off leader’s video blog right up to full external business event including end to end design, development and event coordination.

Scale, no matter how large or small is not an issue, our primary focus remains always on a quality end delivery.

Never tried video broadcasting? Let’s talk and realistically explore the impact that broadcasting could have on your business.

Tried it but cost too high or impact too small? Contact All Events Casting and let us provide a review of your needs, actual & target outcome as well as your current approach. We are confident we can add immediate value.