Our Small to Medium Event Solution provides the technology and experience to ensure your event is successful and within budget.

From £885 +VAT / Day

Our Service includes:

  • The Live Video Streaming System as standard
  • Studio Broadcast Systems for video switching / mixing, streaming, control of the comfort monitor displays and projection display
  • Comfort monitor displays for Current, Next slide
  • Presenter(s) timer display and control system
  • Professional presenter’s clicker
  • Radio Microphones (Lapels / Handhelds 5 channels)
  • PA system (Upto 250 people)
  • Audio Mixer with multiple inputs to handle all requirements.
  • Managing remote presenters and presentations.
  • Multiple Video Cameras
  • Interactive Q&A’s, Polls, using systems like Mentimeter accessible by all devices.
  • Audience engagement using service like Microsoft Pulse.
  • We work closely with you to ensure all requirements are delivered.

(Additional reasonable costs cover 4G data if required, travel, parking and accommodation where required pending your requirements and are negotiable)

Staff engagement is important to keep them abreast of the latest company news. Our Small to Medium Event Service engages local and distributed staff. Perfect for All Employee Events.

Our Small to Medium events service supplies all the technology to run a successful event without breaking the budget: either on-site using your facilities such as projection or off-site using a conference venue providing projector and stage platform, we bring the essential glue for your event.

Our event system provides audio combining a powerful PA, mixing desk and 8 radio microphone channels to handle discussion panels, multiple presenters and engaging the audience.

To ensure you keep on time our comfort monitor system provides a countdown timer during each presenter’s session with the option to be controllable by the event team directly.  The comfort monitor system also allows display of the presentation current and next slides as well as audience feedback if required with the audience using their mobiles to relate their reception of the presentation.

Audience engagement is always important at events. Using Mentimeter, we provide various options for attendees to vote in polls, submit questions during presentations, and give feedback.

Our system is compact and fully portable ensuring a small footprint, using wireless technology we have minimal cable runs.

Included in the Small to Medium events service is the full live streaming system, enabling the event to be recorded for on-demand or streamed live to those who cannot attend the event.

For live streaming adequate bandwidth is required from your on-site network or venue which we can discuss with you and assist with testing. Alternatively, we can provide live streaming over our 4G network with a small additional data charge.


Delivers a professional event with presenter support by displaying the current / next slides and timer.


Our video broadcast studio handles all requirements to integrate your slides, attendee engagement, displays and recording.


Simultaneous presenters, we provide a mix of lapels and or handheld microphones


Live polling, Q&A,  connecting spokespersons via Skype or similar, we involve your audience in the discussion.