Patrick Souiljaert author of Stairs for Breakfast

All Events Casting worked with Patrick Souiljaert who has Cerebral Palsy to broadcast his live Authors Talk on Youtube. An inspirational talk by Patrick on his life and publishing his first book.

“Successful people take chances in life. A few years I embarked on an amazing journey, which has led me to writing my autobiography and becoming an inspirational speaker. From an early age I knew I was going to do something extra-ordinary in life.”

Making Tax Digital Webcast by Bluespire Group ( incorporating Video, PowerPoint and live demo presentations.

Interview with Kam Dovedi Founder of Premier Property
Interview with property entrepreneur Kam Dovedi from starting in the property market to building a successful Property Portfolio and business.

Interview with Am Golhar Founder of Abstract PR
Am Golhar British Sikh Businesswoman, Presenter and Influencer discussing her Entrepreneurial story.                                                        .

In May 2018 we broadcast live from The Business Show @ Excel,  interviews with 14 Keynote Speakers.

Interview with Simon Woodroffe OBE @ The Business Show 17th May 2018

Simon Woodroffe talks to us about how he got his YO! and we find out that you don’t have to be young to become an Entrepreneur and find that spark moment to change your life.

Interview with Brad Burton @ The Business Show 17th May 2018
Brad Burton UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker takes us on lively journey into his life experience and that moment in his life where he broke the cycle and change to now being a pioneer in supporting people is changing their lives. Be Inspired by his story.

Interview with Steven Smith @ The Business Show 16th May 2018
Steven Smith, Founder of Poundland: Britain’s Favorite Retailer tells us about how he started from a market stall to multi million pound business. He gives insights on Poundlands formation, driving the business, scaling the business, passing personal milestones, to selling the business and now looking for the next big business opportunity.

Interview with Tad Ostrowski @ The Business Show 16th May 2018
Tad Ostrowski founding director of Artington Legal talks about the importance of the correct legal building blocks to protect your business and avoid legal pitifuls in its development and highlights on GDPR, BRXIT.

Interview with Sukhi Wahiwala @ The Business Show 16th May 2018
Speaking to Sukhi Wahiwala – The Business Boardroom Limited he describes daily focus time, Laser like Focus on demand how we get our conscious and unconscious mind aligned to get actions done than sitting in a puddle of procrastination.

Interview with Professor Richard Wilding OBE @ The Business Show 17th May 2018
Professor Richard Wilding OBE of Cranfield School of Management talks to us about how critical the Supply Chain is for business success Professor Richard Wilding OBE is recognised globally for his thought leadership in Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

Interview with Penny Power OBE @ The Business Show 17th May 2018
A great interview with Penny Power OBE founder of the Business Cafe discussing the importance of building local business communities to support the pressures/loneliness experienced in developing a start-up / running small business by providing a central local community point of support and socializing.

Interview with Paul Bohill @ The Business Show 16th May 2018
Dani Campion catches up with Paul Bohill at The Business Show and discusses how he started in the work he does, charity and the show Cant Pay We Take it Away

Interview with James Sinclair @ The Business Show 17th May 2018
We discuss with James Sinclair CEO of Partyman Group, Co-Founder of Entrepreneurs Network what makes an entrepreneur by looking at his story from starting his own business at the age of 15 and finding aha moments.

Interview with Emma-Jane Packe @ The Business Show 17th May 2018
Emma-Jane (EJ) Packe Judge of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards | Managing Director of The Supper Club speaks to us about the Supper Club how it started and how the community helps those to scale in business.

Interview with Bankim Chandra @ The Business Show 16th May 2018
Bankim Chandra CEO of Dotsquares takes us on a journey from starting a business in a Garage to being CEO and the risks, dedication to achieve his goals. We find out about DotSquares creation and the importance of building a family centric business culture.

Interview with Alan Barrett @ The Business Show 16th May 2018
Founder of UK’s Fastest Growing Nutrition Company Grenade, Alan talks about the formation of Grenade, phases of the business, building a lifestyle brand.

Inteview with Brian Lightowler @ The Business Show 16th May 2018
Brian Lightowler MD of QG Business Solutions explains and details the importance of GDPR – General Data Protection Regulations and discusses.