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Virtual Studio

Microsoft Teams Integration

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Remote Studio Service

Connect from anywhere in the World to our Remote Studio system live and interact with a Producer to create branded video recordings and live streaming to multiple services like Microsoft Stream, Teams, YouTube, WebEx, and many more.

The Remote Studio is a complete live video production solution with features including LIVE mixing, switching, recording and LIVE streaming of SD and full HD video sources including cameras, video files,  images, PowerPoint and much more. With ability to manipulate display formats instantly we can switch between Presenter and Slides to commentating over a video or interacting with guest speakers and other presenters.

Up to 8 Guests can easily be added to the production. With only a web browser and webcam your Guests can connect into the live show with HD video and high-quality audio from anywhere in the world and communicate with each other. Independent outputs can be sent to each Guest screen in return for example the Current/Next slides and countdown timer or view the production output as sent to the main recording/stream. In addition, Guest connection channels can be recorded independently as well as the main output(s)

Greater flexibility incorporating most video conference systems like MS Teams, WebEx, Zoom… to allow the guest callers to communicate with additional staff during the broadcast or use the system to present out to the additonal connected video conference guests.

Record the video live in the finished format with branded screens (graphics/text) saving hours/costs of after editing from multiple video inputs. Most videos are ready for review shortly after on the same day. Where editing is required this can be quickly completed using our included editing service.

Video production can be stopped and started during recording to retake as many times as needed with quick playback live to Guests for reviewing.

The service offers many possibilities,

  • Recording multiple Internal company messages from C-Levels to project managers, sales wins in a ready formatted screen display reducing after editing costs/time with most productions ready shortly after filming on the same day.
  • Produce branded training videos incorporating demo videos, PowerPoint slides with animations and include multiple presenters with no restrictions on where they are located globally.
  • Communicate to staff via live webcasts into services like WebEx, Team Live… with full branded multiple displays to deliver Slides and presenters, multiple presenters on screen for discussion forums and interviews or include staff to present questions. Add additional videos and even social feeds like Twitter to create a compelling staff broadcast.
  • Create private Live Customer Experiences for sales pitches promoting and demonstrating products / services or include them in discussions / feedback session from all locations.
  • Update 1000’s of customers using multiple services like YouTube, Facebook to deliver live branded news and discussion sessions incorporating live social media responses with professional screen formats to build customer engagement and potential sales.


Record directly branded outputs to produce the finished video with minimal editing required


With 8 dedicated real time Guest channels, multiple presenters can work together in the live production


Easily incorporate Social Media channels like Twitter and Facebook directly into the production


Multiple inputs come together for engaging screen formats