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Last Minute CEO Business Update Webcast!!

Your CEO in the London HQ office has a very important business update for all 8000 staff across global offices, his CTO is in Dusseldorf, the VP of xx division is in Dallas and both need to join and present in the All Employee Meeting online broadcast and to the live audience at the HQ […]

Greater ROI on your staff training via Live and On-Demand video.

Keeping up to date with the latest training is essential for Staff Performance Development. In many organizations, training is split between live courses and computer-based learning. Instructor courses bring interaction and networking with colleagues to expand discussions around the topic providing a valuable resource of knowledge, normally only repeated when staff attend the course. Using […]

Do you SMB?

Skype Meeting Broadcast. What? not heard of it. Ah its Skype for sharing meetings to more than 250 viewers up to 10,000 within your company or customers. Oh 10.000 people how much will that cost to stream.

Live Broadcasting – Insights to Audience Emotion

When presenting to an audience we all like to see bums on chairs in front of us, as we can see the expressions of the people as they listen and yes, a few sleep, several yawn and wonder why they came. It’s a good indication of them showing interest or not. The presenter can gather […]