Last Minute CEO Business Update Webcast!!

Your CEO in the London HQ office has a very important business update for all 8000 staff across global offices, his CTO is in Dusseldorf, the VP of xx division is in Dallas and both need to join and present in the All Employee Meeting online broadcast and to the live audience at the HQ of 200 employees.

You are the head of Communications and have just been tasked to arrange this for tomorrow.

DON’T PANIC it’s not the first episode of Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy, you can be saved, and you won’t blow away the year’s budget. You need to act quick, prepare email and video links for the staff to access online.

There are several solutions to manage this by incorporating video conferencing systems like Skype, Polycom, BlueJeans, to bring together the on-site and remote speakers to present live to the HQ audience plus feed into the live online broadcast.

The set-up for the HQ CEO would consist of cameras and wireless audio fed into an audio/vision mixer combining the live feeds from the remote video conference system presenters. The remote presenters will see and hear live the CEO and vice versa as well as the audience in the HQ.

The webcast feed is taken from the audio/vision mixer to your secure webcasting systems like Skype Meeting Broadcast, MediaPlatform or dedicated secure webcasting service like DaCast. These services allow the webcast link to be set-up prior the broadcast.

Various webcast systems enable you to format the webcast output screen branded to your business and integrate the video of the speaker and presentation side by side. Other content like videos, polls, surveys and questions can also be incorporated. These features enable greater audience engagement during the meeting.

Once all is in place you can then manage the show. Your CEO will start proceedings and welcome the remote presenters talking direct to them. Using the audio/vision mixer you can easily switch between presenters talking, displaying them on screen to the HQ audience and to the online employees watching the webcast.

The remote presenters may have slides to run through. These can be controlled simply by the remote presenter saying “next slide” so the control is kept in the main HQ room or via remote control, provided by tools like PowerPoint (see Slideshow/Present Online).

For the Q&A session you want your online audience to submit questions which can be achieved with tools like Skype Meeting Broadcast incorporating Yammer chat, direct moderated questions and Pulse or via tools like Mentimeter where viewers can submit questions using their mobile and laptops. The presenters can act directly on the questions or moderated/presented by the communication team.

Let’s not forget the HQ 200 staff audience as they will be eager to ask questions, which is simply managed by roaming microphones or have a question booth ready for audience members to present their query. Other systems allow the audience to use their mobile phone microphone using an app where they request to talk. Always good for engagement.

That’s it, you survived the last-minute CEO business update webcast, your CEO is happy, the CTO is happy, the VP who is now promoted is very happy. Your audience was fully engaged and interacted with the leadership team, they are happy too.

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