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End to End development and delivery
of your Events from Sales Conferences
to Award Gala's. We bring the ideas
to make your event a informative
experience for your staff or customers

Recent projects

Making Tax Digital Webcast by Bluespire Group (bluespiregroup.co.uk) incorporating Video, PowerPoint and live demo presentations.

Interview with property entrepreneur Kam Dovedi from starting in the property market to building a successful Property Portfolio and business.

Am Golhar British Sikh Businesswoman, Presenter and Influencer discussing her Entrepreneurial story.                                                        .

On the 16th & 17th May 2018 we Broadcasted Live from the

@Excel London
interviewing 14 speakers from the show over two days.

VIDEO: Interview – Simon Woodroffe talks to us about how he got his YO! and we find out that you don’t have to be young to become an Entrepreneur and find that spark moment to change your life.

    live video to your audience increases Engagement & Trust. No longer does a Webinar have to be talking and slides, a product launch with pictures, a forum of just online text, let people see YOU, Interact with YOU, believe in YOU, trust YOU, to build their confidence in the services, products and business. Customers/Staff desire live interaction so make your brand/yourself/your team visible to them in a Live Broadcast.

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    How rememberable was your last Corporate Event, did the Staff/Customers feel motivated and refer to the event in weeks after.  Was it interactive, fun to attend OR did you just present PowerPoint slides after PowerPoint slides, basically had a boring time. We all have budgets but that’s no excuse for a low impact event, let’s have a discussion on how to bring your Corporate Event to life.

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EXPO TV brings to your exhibition a deeper engagement for visitors at the show with viewable online daily events and highlights as they happen. Expo TV generates infotainment with ongoing talks and event updates building greater awareness to promote and drive attendees over the show day(s) building live online marketing for show guests and exhibitors which continues after with on-demand viewers.

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   Capturing the perfect image is important to your business when using media in publications and online. Using original imagery than stock photos shows your customers you are serious about your business representation. AECAST photographers will capture the moment, from Corporate portraits, team success photos, product launches, conferences, exhibitions…

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Last Minute CEO Business Update Webcast!!

Your CEO in the London HQ office has a very important business update for all 8000 staff across global offices, his CTO is in Dusseldorf, the VP of xx division is in Dallas and both need to join and present in the All Employee Meeting online…

Greater ROI on your staff training via Live and On-Demand video.

, ,
Keeping up to date with the latest training is essential for Staff Performance Development. In many organizations, training is split between live courses and computer-based learning. Instructor courses bring interaction and networking with…

Do you SMB?

Skype Meeting Broadcast. What? not heard of it. Ah its Skype for sharing meetings to more than 250 viewers up to 10,000 within your company or customers. Oh 10.000 people how much will that cost to stream. If you are subscribed already using…

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