If you are thinking about running a live event webcast to your customers on Facebook, YouTube or other streaming services but not sure how you can deliver a quality broadcast with good sound quality, HD video, graphics and make it interactive, all at a cost-effective price, then we have the solution for you – STUDIO DAYS

AECAST Studio Days brings our mobile studio to venues near you where we host several client’s webcasts over couple of days. This allows you to book a broadcast session and ensures you have a full solution to deliver your broadcast messages, customers updates, product launches, discussion forums and be interactive with online viewers with full support.

In preparation for the AECAST Studio Days and to make them cost efficient for you we review the booking request and then select the best venue to suit all for easy access.

Prior we discuss your requirements for the event and content, decide on the session time during the day(s).  Most webcasts ideally should be around 30-45 minutes as beyond this the viewers will drop-off. The Session times are usually 2 hours to allow set-up, practice runs and the webcast.

The AECAST mobile studio brings to your service

  • 4 Meter Green screens for any background required. i.e. Media walls, static or moving backgrounds etc.
  • 4 remote controlled broadcast cameras to capture the action for various views of the event broadcast
  • 2 Manual and roaming cameras
  • Up to 8 microphones, 6 lapels and 2 handhelds
  • 2 Studio production systems which can simultaneously broadcast to several streaming services
  • PowerPoint, Interactive tools for content and interaction with viewers
  • Comfort display monitors to keep you on track with time, slides and cueing.
  • Copies of all video provided for download for on-demand and additional marketing.


If you would like to run your own Studio Days by offering your clients, the service direct AECAST provides you the support and technical expertise.

Contact us for a discussion and to build a great partnership.