EXPO TV brings to your exhibition a new channel to promote the event, bring your keynote speakers to the online audience, interact with visitors at the show for feedback, promotion, and engage the exhibitors to present their services and products. EXPO TV combines live studio and roaming floor cameras around the exhibition visiting stands and features driven by show host presenters to bring the live buzz of the show to the online audience.

EXPO TV delivers multiple opportunities. The on-site visitors have another engagement option to receive live video event updates direct to their devices of which they can also promote onto the social networks expanding the scope of the online viewers. Broadcasting the show online provides a greater reach in the UK , EU and Global to promote show highlights like guest interviews, exhibitors and also drive greater footfall especially when the event is over several days to encourage more of the online viewers to attend the show.


Running a Live Broadcast from your exhibition drives several key aims

Increase footfall through the social sharing of the Live broadcast during events.

During the live show broadcast a key focus area is to drive social sharing and to encourage viewers there is time to visit the show when running over several days. From each show session this is promoted by the presenter, the guest speakers and exhibitors. Focusing on features to engage the viewers to join in person.

Generate greater social Live interaction and content sharing

We love social interaction, it’s a great way to promote and keep the news flowing throughout the show and beyond building greater longevity for the show. The Live social interaction gives viewers the chance to engage with guest interview/exhibitors by posting live questions during session and drive a wider reach.

Give Exhibitors video social channel to market on

The show exhibitors now have another opportunity to promote their services and products and engage a greater audience. This adds greater social benefits as the exhibitors will also promote the live broadcasts via their own social channels, Twitter, Facebook… more noise and more promotion.

Opportunities for exhibitors to also sponsor live sessions, have a full session and include product/service marketing material, all of these can be used to generate additional ROI.


  1. A new Dimension to the Expo
  2. Deepen Customer Engagement
  3. Market Live to visitors the daily events, highlights
  4. Allow Customers to participate live, give feedback, ask Q&A
  5. Build greater awareness of the Event and drive future attendees
  6. Additional portal for all the show exhibitors
  7. Build revenue from Exhibitors with Live show sponsorship options
  8. Generate Exhibitors products & services noise
  9. Exhibitor dedicated sessions and master knowledge share
  10. Boost social sharing via Visitors/online during the live broadcast
  11. Interact Live with visitors at show – the best marketing to have
  12. VIP Guest interaction driving greater audience interest
  13. It’s entertainment keeping an ongoing buzz about the event
  14. Build an amazing on-demand record of the event & content to drive ongoing social interaction and discussions


AECAST brings the EXPO TV show to your visitors by developing key sessions to build interest and interaction based around your EXPO content

  • VIP Keynote Speakers – Interviews
    We develop interview session for your guest Keynote speakers to discuss their business and life stories to highlight to the viewers in a informal fun engagement.
  • Exhibitor sessions
    Discuss exhibitor products and services in-depth to deliver interesting facts about the business
  • Panel Discussions
    Taking a cross section of exhibitors and guest speakers we develop an informal chat show with our host presenter driving discussions on show features, services etc keeping it entertaining and fun.
  • Business Knowledge Sessions
    Session on a focus leading area at the exhibition dedicated to knowledge sharing to visitors
  • Show Visitors in Studio
    Invite visitors at the event to participate in a discussion. Discuss who they are why visiting, key highlights etc. Great promotion by the visitors you are attracting to the event.
  • Roaming Broadcast (With link back to Studio host)
    On the show floor visit various parts of the show meeting exhibitors on their stands, interviewing and speaking to show visitors during walkabouts.