Corporate events are a great way to share the business strategy, sales and marketing information, communicate to project staff and build networking during the event.

Are you still having events in a cramped dull room with people at the front presenting PowerPoint after PowerPoint slides?

How was your last event, did the team leave feeling motivated and ready to go out and get the business, did they just feel another event and information they already know, did the event inspire them and ensure longevity so they can refer back to the time spent on the content and messages. Did they leave feeling they have grown their network, met new colleagues and shared innovation.

AECAST works closely with your event team to project managed the event from start to end. We discuss options and budgets to develop the event ensuring it delivers all the business requirements, messages and ensure the event is a success for the staff.

Call AECAST for a discussion on your past and current planned events and we can help improve and develop to bring in many of the mentioned features we offer.

See our gallery below showing various events.

Working closely with your budgets, we

  • review venues/locations,
  • arrange Audio Visual staging set-up,
  • work through the event flow to engage the staff,
  • integrate various forms of interactivity like live polls, surveys, questions and answer sessions with the audience,
  • bring in video and audio to enhance the event for an upbeat feel.
  • build in staff Award Gala dinner for the evening and entertainment
  • arrange attendee’s gifts to remember the event
  • Collect event feedback for event success and future events.

Additional items we can also provide for your event include

  • Videography of the event and presentations,
  • Live streaming (if required of all or part to share to global staff)
  • Photography of the event including green screen fun and instant photos