Live Broadcasting with remote guest speakers sounds complicated?


Your CEO in the London office has a very important message for all 8000 staff across several world offices, his CTO is in Dusseldorf, the VP of xx product is in Paris who needs to join and present in the All Employee Meeting and you have just been asked to arrange this within 2 days.

DON’T PANIC it’s not the first episode of Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy you can be saved, and you won’t blow the year’s budget.

There are several straight forward solutions to manage this by incorporating your existing video conferencing or PC video messaging systems into a live online broadcast out to 1000’s staff.
With your presenters being able to interact live on video and present slides together.

All Events Casting Mobile Studio systems can bring together the presenters from any location given good network connectivity to provide seamless interaction with the local and remote sites for the live broadcast to staff

Prior to the event we fully support you with understanding the requirements identifying the most cost-efficient solutions. Provide detail connection support for remote presenters and pre-test for video and sound quality.

Our systems also bring redundancy for peace of mind in case of local broadcast hardware failures occur to ensure stability of your important live broadcast.

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